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  1. any other business

    • ph.
      matters not listed on the agenda of a meeting, raised after the items on the agenda have been discussed
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    • any other

      any other這組字的other=different,後面的名詞用單數...any money. It is a puzzle that any intelligent child could solve.) 2009-10-10 18:31:07 補充: other這個字在做為determiner時,後面的名詞也是...

    • any other

      ...片語,而非兩個獨立的字,那就不提個別的字意囉... any other最常出現在有最高級的句子裡,即常和比較級形容詞...加other;比較對象不屬同範圍,不加(如例2)。另外 any other+單數名詞 = all the other+複數名詞,故例1可改為...

    • any other 的問題

      在有限定的範圍下(如在一個班級中,男生人數是確定的),any other boy(s) = the other boys (若any other boy不加s,會強調任何單一的一個男孩...