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  1. any other business

    • ph.
      matters not listed on the agenda of a meeting, raised after the items on the agenda have been discussed
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    • Business Etiquette

      ...will shake hands and exchange name cards in business setting. 2008-08-28 11:55:21 補充: 5. Is gift-giving in Taiwan similar to any other countries you know? Gift giving...

    • 英文問題 及書寫下內容

      ...)&knowlege in marketing humor(humar) resource management(mangement) or any other field in business 詳述你在行銷情緒來源管理的技能&知識或是任何其他在商業上的領域...

    • 請問”利益相關人士”的英文

      ... in anyway to anyone who holds any interest in the company or any other (affiliated) companies (or business entities)." (affiliated companies 或 affiliated...