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  1. any time now

    • ph.
      very soon
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    • ph.
      very soon

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 很急喔~~英文的分詞片語找尋(20點)?

      ... dream house had a guest room so gamily and friends could visit at any time. Now , at the age of forty-six, I look back on those dreams and smile. ...

    • 請問這句英文什麼意思,還有文法解釋,謝謝!

      Never at any other time, not even after his terrible losses on the Exchange, had he left such contempt for himeself as now. 翻譯 他從沒有在任何別的時候, 甚至連在他的股匯市鉅額損失後都沒有, 像...

    • 關於英文的文法問題.......20點

      ...時間內發生,因此常與下列不特指某個時間點的時間副詞連用,暗示著at some/ any time up to now(到現在為止的任何或個時刻),有時也可以省略不提這些時間副詞(ever曾經...