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    • 想從英文歌曲學文法及五大句型PART 2

      ...你應該可以從中學到一些有用的東西。 努力吧! 圖片參考: 2014-08-17 21:00:39 補充...

    • Define ”outsourcing” please

      ...example would be outsourcing(外包或外購) some of your manufacturing requirements. Let's say you manufacture washing machines and you decide to outsource(外包) the electronic circuit board to another supplier...

    • 急需~各位幫我英翻中 謝謝囉

      ...heart again 若我再次敞開心房 I guess I'm hoping you'll...when I don't know if it's real 有時候我不確定它是不是真的 Or if anybody feels the way I feel 或許...