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    • 緊急!緊急!時間緊迫 請英文高手幫忙救救火!

      Tom:You do not have a priority to eat the unsweetened cake Ted:Anyone's guesseat this cake Tom:Why you are angry now,your temper...

    • 三月的空中英語教室單字

      ...the way (idiom) 為...鋪路 revolutionary (adj) 革命(性)的 anyone's guess (idiom) 誰也說不準 *More Information... Bank: explore (v) 探索;探險 open one's eyes (idiom) 大開眼界;增廣見聞 impact (v) 影響...

    • late late late late

      他遲到了 or 他在遲暮之年 he is gonna die... 2008-11-10 07:22:51 補充: if you're really not sure, how about just ask your friends to get the exact meaning