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  1. appeal to


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    • 1. 向……呼籲,懇求 They never appealed to us for mercy. 他們從不向我們乞求憐憫。
    • 2. 訴諸,求助於 You should not appeal to force. 你們不應該訴諸武力。
  2. 知識+

    • appeal to sb怎翻阿?

      ...他你們我們他們),只要是指人即可。 something則多半可用普通或抽象名詞代替。 appeal to sb (for sth) = appeal to somebody for something:懇求;呼籲 appeal (to sb) = appeal to somebody...

    • 請幫忙翻譯 appeal to diverse

      ... were to distant to develop product configurations that would appeal to diverse consumer and competitive situations around the globe. 首先先解釋名詞...

    • appeal與attract

      apeal to=attract 兩著都是某事/物/人吸引某人 What appeals to me about the movie "Avatar" is the director&...