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    • what is the difference?

      transformational- change the form; so it's more on appearance transactional- exchange of money, or business. so it's more business-related. ex: "money transaction"(轉帳) at ATM

    • 能幫我翻譯這一篇文章嗎?? 中翻英

      ... lives. So I think the friendship of spending money and buying, are all false appearances. Can only transient lasting. Just because real friendship, is...

    • 愛情可以用金錢衡量的英文?

      ...quot;嗎:"Don't judge a person by his looks/appearance.""勿以金錢取(評斷)愛情"不是也應如是說?"Don't judge love by money."於是整句話應該是:Do you agree (that) love cannot...