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  1. appetite suppressant

    • n.
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    • 英文翻譯成中文

      ...使用瀉藥。  She has also been taking an over-the-counter appetite suppressant containing phenylpropanolamine daily during the past year. 她一直也吃在過去的...

    • 翻譯醫學英文!謝謝!我有查過但是很難翻譯= =

      ...的消炎藥,COX-2 抑制劑 sympathicomimetics nasal drops, appetite suppressants 鼻炎治療劑(鼻腔滴劑), 食慾抑制劑 mineralocorticoid鹽皮質素,一種21碳的類固醇激素...

    • can a person who has G-6-P-D D

      ...不同﹐建議服用前最好詢問醫生或專家 Brindle Berry is an appetite suppressant herb, HCA a potential antiobesity drug. According to the hypothesis...