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  1. apply

    • IPA[əˈplʌɪ]


    • v.
      make a formal application or request;put oneself forward formally as a candidate for a job
    • verb: apply, 3rd person present: applies, gerund or present participle: applying, past tense: applied, past participle: applied

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    • Apply to or on? (文法)

      ...鋪在表面上[(+TO)] EX:The nurse applied(apply的過去式) the ointment to the wond. 護士把藥膏敷到...詳情:上面 當Vi 的第1點 Is it necessary to apply labeling to further samples? 僅 [ 是否...

    • applied language learning=?

      我不太瞭解你問的,不過給你一些回答,希望對你有幫助 請問APPLIED LANGUAGE LEARNING是什麼啊 applied language learning...

    • 請問 apply for 和 apply to 有何不同?

      apply to ph. (片語 phrase) 1. 適用於 2. 向...申請 We applied to them for help. 我們向他們求援。 apply for ph. (片語 phrase) 1. 請求得到...