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    • ambassador的問題

      ...用 He was appointed as Ambassador... 也可以 但是 appoint 用法和 name 一樣。 類似句型:He was named John when he...

    • 英文字義用法區辨:estate,property,asset

      ...財物的承傳 與心靈上的價值 property 是大宗財務的 一般用法 也多用在房地產 asset 是強調資產的正面價值 3.commission...54 補充: committee = is a group, elected or appointed, to perform certain fuction, that may be temporary. commission...

    • will, shall 的用法實在不懂

      ...意志的未來,或單純的未來)。如:The President shall appoint all ambassadors with the consent of hte Senate. 假如上述,shall, will的用法我沒記錯那 Shall I be able to pass the examination? ...