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    • appreciate your being here文法

      ...正確,還是需要用人腦去鑑別運用。 2015-01-02 10:25:47 補充: >We appreciate you helping us. 卻又比 We appreciate your helping us. 多...

    • 英文:appreciate人後加?

      ...在後面加上介系詞片語時,不影響動詞appreciate或述部的語意完整。 I really appreciate your help in the project. 同理,介系詞片語in the project是名詞help的修飾語,限定其範圍...

    • 中翻英-我非常感謝你這段時間對我的幫忙

      I am deeply appreciate your help at this period of time since I have been .... I am being very troublesome. You are such a wonderful person.