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  1. apprehend

    • IPA[aprɪˈhɛnd]


    • v.
      arrest (someone) for a crime;understand or perceive
    • verb: apprehend, 3rd person present: apprehends, gerund or present participle: apprehending, past tense: apprehended, past participle: apprehended

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    • n.
      a court order issued to protect an individual who has a reasonable fear of violence or ... after he threatened her with a knife, an apprehended violence order was granted against him

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˌaprəˈhend]


    • v.
      arrest (someone) for a crime: a warrant was issued but he has not been apprehended

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      apprehend源自拉丁文[掌握]之義,當理解的意思時,是非常正式的說法。 I apprehended that the situation was serious. comprehend源自拉丁文[一起抓]的意思,是understand...

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      ... president was ________ about adding more space to the factory. (A)apprehend (B)apprehensive (C)apprehension (D)apprehended Ans...

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      ...,especially sight or hearing. achieve understanding of; apprehend. 有意識到(多用於看,聽到),察覺,領悟的意思. 2008-10-06 09:02:17 補充: 寫...