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    • 有關評論文章的問題 非常急!!

      Systematic approach to the critique of research papers: Are the controls appropriate? Can the results be affected by variables...

    • 請問有人可以幫我翻譯這一句英文嗎?!

      ... in line voltage and load resistance are tackled by a grid-point control approach which owns merits in both performance and cost-effectiveness. Design...

    • one can see ... 的 one 在這裡...?

      這裡的 one 應該是人稱代名詞嗎? 是 . 那我可以改成 everybody 嗎?? 這裡的 one(任何人) 可以改成 everybody(每個人). 不同情況 e.g. 1) We had a party and everybody(大家) enjoyed themselves.[ 不可以改成one] 2) You are the one(那個人) who like...