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  1. approach path

    • n.
      the path taken by an aircraft coming in to land.
    • noun: approach path, plural noun: approach paths

  2. 知識+

    • in the approach to 意思?

      ...不對. 這裡的 approach 是名詞, 這個字當名詞使用時有兩種意思: 1. An approach to a place is a road, path, or other route that leads to it. 也就到達某一個地方的路徑, 道路. 2...

    • 這二句怎麼翻呢??

      Any mysterious visitor I might have would be more likely to approach by the rough path leading down to the house from the street above, feet crunching...

    • 請英文高手請幫我翻譯(急急急)

      活躍和被動運動是每個痛苦的在同樣方向, 並且痛苦出現因為範圍極限是approached.The 被抵抗的運動不傷害插入物組織是在fault.Passive 運動是痛苦...