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    • 1. 接近 The number of new workers this year approaches to three thousand. 今年新工人的人數近三千人。
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    • in the approach to 意思?

      A major shift in the approach to physical anthropology occurred at the ....... 處理體質人類學的方式在 .........發生...不對. 這裡的 approach 是名詞, 這個字當名詞使用時有兩種意思: 1. An approach to a place is a road, path, or other route that leads to it. 也就到達...

    • the benefits approach to leisu

      應該不是休閒效益的方法。benefit approach of leisure才是,但是這裡是 benefit approach to leisure,approach to是哪一種取向或方法的意思benefit approach to leisure的意思是說...

    • \”Questioning approach\”????

      The Questioning Approach is a new approach to learning English which combines the clarity of traditional... and situations, helping students learn how to learn.