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  1. approve

    • IPA[əˈpro͞ov]


    • v.
      officially agree to or accept as satisfactory;believe that someone or something is good or acceptable
    • verb: approve, 3rd person present: approves, gerund or present participle: approving, past tense: approved, past participle: approved

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    • approveapprove of 該如何用?

      問題: approveapprove of 該如何用?Approve (V)意為:『 批准. 認可.』 Approve.... 參議院批准了一項關於聯邦政府提供地方建屋資金的計畫. I do not approve of your going out with him. 我不贊成你和他一起出去. 希望...

    • 英文approve和allow問題

      ...allow之別 要辨別它們之間不同,就要從定義著手 1. approve of (1) If you approve of an action, event, or suggestion...同意某事發生,你不會去阻止它 allow的「認同」範圍比approve廣多了 2007-07-23 09:37:50 補充: 以上英解來自...

    • favor of approving...疑問

      ... Matsu residents voted 1795 to 1341 in favor of approving construction of a casino resort. 在週六的一項公投中, 馬祖居民以1795票對1341票通過...