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  1. approximant

    • IPA[əˈprɒksɪm(ə)nt]


    • n.
      a function, series, or other expression which is an approximation to the solution of a problem.;a consonant produced by bringing one articulator (the tongue or lips) close to another without actually touching it, as in English r and w.
    • noun: approximant, plural noun: approximants

  2. 知識+

    • approximant是什麼意思?

      Approximant 是語音學上的專有名詞。指兩個聲音相連發出,類似滑音或流音,但兩個聲音之間仍有可供區別的空間...查查三民書局的語音學辭典或許會有解釋。(大概是連音吧我猜)以下的英文解釋供你參考(來自英英字典):Approximant : The articulators are brought near each other but a large enough gap is...

    • approximants的中文意思?

      Approximant 是語音學上的專有名詞。指兩個聲音相連發出,類似滑音glide(/w/,/y/)或流音...

    • 語言學名詞解釋20題

      ...前面不知道 15.euphemism 雅語 16.parallel concordances 平行的和諧 17.approximant 近似值 18.compensatory lengthening 賠償加長 19.bleeding order 出血...