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    • 1. 接近 The audience approximated to three hundred. 聽眾近300人。
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    • approximate和proximate的差別?

      ...參考:Approximate (大概): very nearly correct or accurate; not intended to be absolutely correct Give me an approximate answer!給我大概的答案 Can you give me an approximate price for the job...

    • 一些有關機械的英文的翻譯

      ...-Ritz method is an algorithm for obtaining approximate solutions to eigenvalue ODEs 翻譯:雷利-里兹法是取得常微分方程式 (O....

    • nuclear radius

      Nuclear radius ~ 10-15 m or 1 fm (femtometer or fermi)   Atomic radius ~ 10-10 m or 10-8 cm or 1 Å (1 angstrom).   So, ratio of atomic radius to nuclear radius is approximately 100,000.