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  1. aquiculture

    • KK[ˋækwə͵kʌltʃɚ]
    • DJ[ˋækwə͵kʌltʃə]


    • n.
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    • 誰可幫翻譯文章(中翻英)很急

      Aquaculture has been the pride of people, not only by the impact of environmental change, as times change, biological... village to fishing village, among the different industry by industry, to create another style of fishing, aquaculture can make Enterprise management, to create richly for the living conditions of farming, but...

    • [英文] 英文翻譯(急) 希望有高手能幫幫忙!!很急

      ...宣導並針對養殖漁業的情形制定 . 更全面且詳細之規劃。 With all the aquaculture’s products . being to be better than the system doing...

    • in order to 可以用哪些字代換呢?

      And these residue limits were adopted by aquaculture exporting countries, in order to increase their export ...