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    • archive的名詞複數
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    • 請問 database 和 archive 有何不同?

      ... there, Database is , well, database :) Archive is a 'backup' of old data required..., and it generates 40Gb of archive every day :) 2008-02-13 11:31:26 補充: Email...

    • archive

      archive 的字源是從希臘字 arkhé 演變而來的,意思是"管理"或"...正式文件歸檔、存放、和解釋的地方。Archon 就是當時的統治者,執政官。archive 這個英文字1603年就見於紀錄了。

    • 請問Getty Image = Archive 嗎?

      "Getty Images" is a ".com" company name. It collects imagines, so if someone want to use its collection (with a fee?), he or she needs to credit to the company where he or she gets the imagine from: