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  1. argue down

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    • 1. 駁倒 We argued him down fiercely. 我們狠狠地把他駁得無話可說。
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    • 關於quarrel這個單字

      ...與某人辯論 argue against [for, in favor of] 反對[贊成]. 4. 及物動詞 說服,勸說 argue down 說服(某人) argue sb into [out of] 勸某人使其答應[放棄]… 5. 及物動詞...

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      ... argue “thumbs up” means to kill while others may argue “thumbs down” means to kill. But if we simply interpret the gesture as an “approval...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯句子

      ..., please report the progress so far. OKOK,Everybody calm down, please。 Can argue are not doing one thing right!? First breath, let their...