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  1. argue with

    • ph.
      和...爭辯, 和...爭吵
    • 釋義


    • 1. 和...爭辯, 和...爭吵 He often argued with his father. 他經常和他父親爭辯。
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    • It's of no use to argue with him. 請問這句話中,of的用處是什麼?

      1.) It's (of) no use to argue with him. 在平常的情況下,of 是可有可無。 http...知其然,不知其所以然 It's of no use to argue with him. (no use 強調對整個情況situation 無濟於事...

    • Kids are arguing with, funny?

      Do you think they are funny? 你覺得他們很有趣嗎? I think they are interesting 我覺得他們很有趣

    • 關於quarrel這個單字

      ...039;ɑrgjυ] 1. 及物動詞 辯論,議論 argue the toss argue with [against] sb on [about] sth 就某事與某人辯論 argue against...抱怨,挑剔,反對 A bad workman quarrels with his tools. 【諺】 拙工常怪工具差(廚師...