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  1. aristocratic

    • IPA[əˌristəˈkradik]


    • adj.
      of, belonging to, or typical of the aristocracy
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    • IPA[ˌarɪstəˈkratɪk]


    • adj.
      of, belonging to, or typical of the aristocracy: an aristocratic family a stately, aristocratic manner

    Oxford Dictionary

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      HAHA是一個充滿貴族氣息的地方. Haha is a place full of aristocratic atmosphere. Haha is a place filled with aristocratic atmosphere. 貴族...

    • 關於西方文化史的問題7

      ... was a classical Greek philosopher who recommends "aristocratic" government, because he believes it is a better form of government...

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      ... most OE literature seems to be uttered by a single aristocratic voice, grave and decorous, speaking in terms of high communal ...