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  1. arrival

    • IPA[əˈrʌɪv(ə)l]


    • n.
      the action or process of arriving;a person who has arrived somewhere
    • noun: arrival, plural noun: arrivals

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  2. 知識+

    • His arrival means ...

      這裡考的是 trouble 這個字, trouble 本身可以當成是名詞或是動詞. His arrival means 後面要接名詞或是名詞子句 ( that ......) A. His arrival...

    • arrival schedule delay是什麼意思??

      the early arrival schedule delay the late arrival schedule delay 雖然寫delay 但第一個解釋為"早到"~ 第二個解釋為"晚到"~ 這樣才對~

    • 「upon one's arrival at ...」的解析

      upon his arrival at... = as soon as he arrived at... (時態與strove一致) A...