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    • Our ETA home is 1700 hours

      ...是下午五點鐘 ETA = esmatied time of arrival EAT= estimated arrival time 航海 航空及軍事等單位使用24小時制來說時間 而不用上下午12小時至 中文...

    • 一些單字問題煩請教 >>>

      ...which is a transfer flight. Then that's why I said the arrival time is prior to the departure time. 2009-04-29 10:01:22 補充: 2. In another...

    • 片語英翻中(簡單,急需,謝謝)急集集及集集 for the passenger boarding.6. arrival timeThe estimated arrival time is around 20 of January pursuant to the shipping company schedule...