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  1. arrive at

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    • ph.
    • 1. 到達

      We arrived at the station in hot haste. 我們急急忙忙來到車站。

    • 2. 達成或得出某事物

      After long discussion, they arrived at the same conclusion. 經過長久討論後, 他們得到了同一結論。

      My son has arrived at school age. 我兒子已到上學年齡。



  2. 知識+

    • arrive後面一定要加in/at等嗎

      ... friend arrived in Taipei [ 區域較大 ] . My friend arrived at station 9 pm [區域較小 ] 動詞 後可有跟副詞 Ex My friend arrived...

    • 英文的時間用法

      The flight will arrive in Taipei at seven tonight. Tonight the flight will arrive in ...: you can say: It was late by the time they arrive at their hotel. The President Lee...

    • I often arrive (at) school....

      因為 " arrive at "   是片語(應該可解釋成片段的英語)       *arrive in:到達國家,都市  arrive at:到達村莊,地點   arrive + to 是沒有在這樣使用的!     了解嗎?