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  1. artificial coloring

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    • Digestion and Human Nutrition

      ... mono- or di-saccharide ? b) Which items contain artificial flavor? Artificial color? 列舉出你今天所吃的食物。 a) 哪些含脂肪最高 ? 含蛋白質最高 ? 含...

    • 幫我翻譯 這個字 PAINT

      ...color.練習彩色畫。例句:He paints well.他畫得不錯。To use artificial color on the face.塗脂抹粉。To put on rouge.塗口紅。片語:paint a black [red] picture...

    • 請問”環保清潔用品”的英文怎麼說

      ...和色素,為了保存口感,夏天跟冬天特別調配兩種不同配方。 No egg and artificial color are added. To maintain freshness sensation in the mouth, two different...