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  1. artificial plant

    • KK[͵ɑrtəˋfɪʃəl plænt]
    • DJ[͵ɑ:tiˋfiʃəl plɑ:nt]
    • ph.
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    • 幫我英翻中文章(20點)?

      ...artificial fiber was made. Called artificial silk, the fiber was made by treating... is a woody material found in all plants.) Scientists continued to experiment with...

    • 有關生物燃料電池的論文翻譯

      ... carbohydrates were tested, i.e. a glucose medium, a plant extract and artificial wastewater. The anode reactor compartment yielding the best ...

    • 緊急求救商業書信短內文英文翻譯

      ... by XXX Co., to act as a proof that our company is planting artificial Albasia in the area of Mid-Java in order to provide XX...