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    • 請問一下一些印刷方面的用語

      ...據 維基百科所載,proof 有兩種意思。一為試印、an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process to see the...more money by selling multiples. An artist's proof has special value because of its extra rarity...

    • 幫忙翻譯幾個片語,並幫忙造句(急)

      ... personality that as cunning as a fox left a deep impression on us. 11. to face the music勇敢地面對困難;接受...on the head about him: he is a conartist artist.你對他的批評是一針見血:他是一個騙人專家。 13. to see...爸從來沒有對任何一件事有一致的看法。 14. to stick one's neck out -->The suspect stick John neck...

    • 披頭四介紹翻譯成英文<急!20點>

      ...the Beatles of the twentieth century's most popular band, the Beatles had become rather twentieth century culture. In our impression that Western artists all seem to be able to write songs, but this "...