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    • as a result of 的用法&意思是。。?

      as a result of由於 = as the result of; because of; by reason of...account of, because of, thanks to, as a result of 都可以表示由於, 因為, 引導原因介系詞... mechanic is in charge of the job. 一位有經驗的機械師負責這工作...

    • 請幫忙分析句子是什麼子句還是什麼分詞

      As a result of the threat to their village, the...文法句型與詞類分析: 1. as a result of the threat to their village – 介系詞 as 所引導的片語,修飾後面全句,為副詞...

    • a result of

      a result of the island's appeal as a low -tax gateway to the Middle East and...and Africa.形成片語來說明appeal這個名詞的 as a result, as a result of都是常用的片語,不太見過把它們拆開使用的例子 因為...