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    • 片語造句~~~

      1. as a result of→由於 (就是 because of 的意思) As a result of the heavy rain, I stayed at home all day the hearing of the news and brought (a)round after a while. 6. by no means→決不...

    • 有英文高手嗎英文文章急20點

      ...of Unemployment The problem of unemployment is rising... to continue doing so as a result of current world financial ... children, then the poverty and lack of opportunities that they...

    • 英文翻譯中文(滿意、信任、忠誠)

      ...among the relationship constructs, we expect brand satisfaction and brand trust to be the result of exchange and communal relationships and consider brand attachment as a reflection of the brand relationship over time. Thus, while we hypothesize no significant...