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  1. as

    • IPA[as]


    • n.
      an ancient Roman copper coin.
    • noun: as, plural noun: asses

  2. 知識+

    • as well as 用法

      As well as 可當附屬連接詞和介系詞用, 當連接詞時,它是標準英語,意為「和…一樣」:You know as well as I that he’s a fool. (你和我一樣都知道...西南部,有時還包括巴爾幹半島 (資料來源:大英百科)。 當 as well as 使句子的主詞變成複合主詞 – 所以要使用複數...

    • as的用法

      as (副詞 adverb) 1. 跟...一樣地,同樣地 Sam is as rich as Alexander. 山姆像亞歷山大一樣富有。 2...位年輕人。 1. 像...一樣;依照;像 You ought to do as Paul tells you. 你應按照保羅吩咐的做...

    • as soon as子句的時態

      "as soon as" means "when, just after". Therefore, as far as using the tense is concerned... sentence: I will go to the convention center as soon as I have checked in to the hotel...