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  1. as a matter of course

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      作為理所當然的事, 按照常規
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    • 1. 作為理所當然的事, 按照常規 I check my in-tray every morning as a matter of course. 我照例每天早晨查看收文盤。


    作為理所當然的事, 按照常規

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    • What's the matter with the cam

      ...matter of life and death a matter of opinion/taste a matter of time as a matter of routine/course as a matter of urgency/priority as a matter of fact

    • 請英文達人幫個忙 student can (takes) part time jobs, as a matter of fact, though it's become (common situation) for university...part time jobs, (and 轉折並使前後句語氣連接) of course, (taking a work) , not only (earn) pocket money but...

    • 請大家幫我把中文的文章翻譯成英文的文章~~

      ...extensive blue give back extensive green? "I quietly question go. Assume sth. as a matter of course's Erh, have no voice answer me, but it but as facial look to I...