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    • 請問這一小句子裡面的文法??

      ... crop residues either as a replacement for petrol or as fuel for power stations. Such...fuel,指「物質名詞」,為「不可數名詞」,不加 a 或 s 。 2. Such fuels -指製成可用...

    • 食品營養專業英文 幫忙翻譯!!

      ...additive class is high fructose corn syrup(HFCS), which is used as a replacement for sucrose in carbonated beverages. 通常這類的食品添加物是含高...

    • 求學英文期刊翻譯~有關行銷

      ...of consumption that are insufficient to supply and act as a replacement for their products which are current...and Jobber (2000) gave operational definition as; environmentally responsible products in general tend...