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    • ㄧ個英文片與的解釋和造句

      as a result 是結果 最後ㄉ意思 可以用再句首或句尾 你可以說 he murdered a lady and was sentenced to death as a result 他謀殺一位女子 結果被判處死刑 也可以說 as a result, he break his promise...

    • 片語造句~~~

      1. as a result of→由於 (就是 because of 的意思) As a result of the heavy rain, ...

    • 關於英語片語造句的問題

      ... I work with is getting married this weekend. 2.'as a result (of something)'為介系詞片語,指因為某事(發生) 所以.... As a result...