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    • 英文高手請幫我翻一下這幾句

      ...the pots were in the form of realistic human heads. 某些(鍋子or罐子or茶壺)做的很像逼真的人頭 3.An opener in a conversation is used as an excuse to talk to someone. 對話開場白就是用來...

    • 20點!!!文法訂正英文

      ... at a younger age, such as binge drinking or becoming an alcoholic. In fact, many people died...suggest to the college presidents in favor of lowering the drinking age that they...

    • 20點! 急! 文法訂正! grammar errors!!

      ... by the elephant was an accident; Orwell cannot use this as an excuse to murder an elephant. Not only he, but the rest of the people had no definite justification for killing anything. ...