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  1. as chance would have it

    • ph.
      as it happened
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    • (急)英文文章翻中文<20點>

      第95 故事 如果你正感到愉快 有一只小麻雀的故事決定不對於winter.Perhaps飛越南方麻雀 已經聽到它的人鳥的睿智的忠告並且就不關心。 或許,他享有在那裡 他是並且不能被打擾作一下變動。 或許他是一個拖延者,總是放 離由於沒有好原因的事情。 或許...

    • 幫我看看文法那邊有錯. 感恩

      ... I have a chance to live in a foreign country as part of my job, .... (Perfect) 4. It had so many histories and stories that I would like to see. It had...

    • 英文高手 請入內~ 請幫我修改吧

      ... throughout the course as well as the basic background information of food... willing to learn and would like to have the chance to learn more and extent my... in the university and put it to use. I will be as enthusiastic...