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  1. as clean as a whistle

    • ph.
      非常清潔;熟練地, 靈巧地
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    • 1. 非常清潔 The dog jumped through the hoop as clean as a whistle. 狗靈巧地跳過鑽圈(沒有觸到圈)。
    • 2. 熟練地, 靈巧地



    • 如口哨般地清澈


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    • 幫我翻義一下~英文

      ...聰明伶俐   as brown as a berry 褐如漿果   as busy as a bee 非常忙碌   as clean as a new pin/a whistle 乾乾淨淨,非常整潔,光滑潔淨   as clear as a bell/crystal 非常清楚,清晰明瞭...

    • 兩句話不知道怎麼翻才好(英→中)

      ... in late winter is as clean and crisp as you'll ever breathe in like that I like to keep a window open in my office...must have heard the wind whistling in my cell phone. 上面是...