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    • 有英文達人能幫我中翻英嗎?

      ...and interests. I feel that I am an amiable as well as earnest person. This is particularly true when facing something I...

    • 閱讀心得,麻煩幫我翻成英文!謝謝。

      ... this in the heaven to propagate the live true meaning, actually, so long as earnest thought, does not make things more difficult than necessary the point...

    • 英文文法寫作的正確性問題

      ...(改11). 解釋如下 1 認真是指努力工作,earnest好像是指很誠懇.. 2 test不只一個,也不是特定哪一個,不宜用the 3 每句要分開,句首宜大寫 4 一如往常as usual或as she usually does 5 however是副詞,宜再開新...