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  1. as far as it goes

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    • 1. 達到一定程度(通常並未如願) Your plan is a good one as far as it goes, but there are several points you've forgotten to consider. 你的計劃目前看來還算不錯, 但有幾點你忘了考慮進去。



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      It appears.....翻成看來 as if.....翻成好似,好像 as far as it could go......翻成最遠只能(走)到or 到達 it had gotten as far as it could...

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      ...推動,才會前進。所以用as far as possible,而不是 as far as it can。 2. 如果題目完全如你所寫,我覺得應該是...應該是:If God allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles it would...

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      As far as "would you like ..." and "do...more polite and indirect way. Since it uses "would" to ask question... CORRECT. As far as to answer it is concerned, you can use...