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  1. as fit as a fiddle

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    • 1. 非常健康 I felt as fit as a fiddle after my walking holiday. 我經過假期徒步旅行, 身體極好。
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      ...一樣嗜酒。」「不錯,他像足了父親。」】 Crack a jock:(找不到耶!) fit as a fiddle:指的是一個人身體很健康 字面上意思fit是適合,fiddle是小提琴。小提琴的演奏...

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      ...盡我所能as far as the eye can see 就視力所能及as fit as a fiddle 非常健康as flat as a pancake 非常平as fresh as a daisy... 據說as things are 照目前情況as though 好像as time goes on 隨時間的推移as to 至於...

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      ... girlfriend? How is she getting along? A:She's fit as a fiddle. I'm going to meet her in front of school. Then, we will...