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  1. as it were

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      (用以評斷自己用詞是否恰當, 指詞義接近而已)可以說; 在某種程度上
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    • 1. (用以評斷自己用詞是否恰當, 指詞義接近而已)可以說; 在某種程度上 She seemed very relaxed -- in her natural setting as it were. 她似乎十分悠然自得--可以說是有自己隨遇而安的天地。 He'd been watching the water rising for two hours -- preparing to meet his destiny, as it were -- before help arrived. 他在獲救前的兩小時中, 一直眼看著水在上漲--可謂準備聽天由命了。
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      照現狀看, 看樣子 We were hoping to have a holiday next week -- as it is, we may not be able to get away. 我們原來盼望著下星期放假--看樣子走不了了。 I thought I might be transferred, but as it is, I shall have to look for a new job. 我以為我可能調動工作, 照目前情況看我得另找工作了。
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      不特意裝飾或改變; 保持原樣 The trousers are rather long, but I'll take them just as they are. 這條褲子有點兒長; 但我還是要了吧。 Tell her to come to the party (dressed) just as she is. 告訴她就像現在這樣(穿著)來參加聚會就行。
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      (用以對某物質量不好表示歉意或貶抑)雖然質量不過如此; 盡管價值不過爾爾 You're welcome to join us for supper, such as it is -- we're only having soup and bread. 歡迎你和我們一起吃晚飯, 只是沒什麼好吃的--只有湯和麵包。 He won't refuse to give you his help, such as it is. 盡管幫不了什麼大忙, 他不會拒絕幫助你的。
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      似乎...; 好像... It's as though he never listens to a word I say. 我說的話他從來都不聽。
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      似乎...; 好像... It's as if he never listens to a word I say. 我說的話他從來都不聽。
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      實事求是; 坦率而誠實 A child should learn to tell it as it is. 孩子應該學會實事求是地講話。
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      不顧; 儘管 I accept that he's old and frail; be that as it may, he's still a good politician. 我承認他年老體衰, 然而儘管如此, 他仍是優秀的政治家。
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      是明智的 It would be just as well to lock the door when you go out. 出去的時候最好還是鎖上門。
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