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  1. (as) nice (or sweet) as pie

    • ph.
      extremely pleasant or polite
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    • ph.
      extremely pleasant or polite

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • Cutie Pie

      ...Pie, it means cute pie, cute girl, sweet girl. Or, when a cute girl with nice, gorgeour breasts, we call her "cute pie." Why uses pie? Can you resist "a cute and sweet pie...

    • 英文日記不到100字,幫我加字.修改?!

      ...grandfather and grandmother are very nice and kind and they live in the for us. Pumpkin pie is always the most delicious food...the way, we also have fresh juice, such as orange juice, after the meal. My...

    • 比較級與最高級改寫句子

      ...ll make. 7.The red sofa is not as comfortable as the brown one. 8.I am getting ...teacher I've ever had. 20.The apple pie tastes better than the lemon pie.