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    • 形容”倒楣”的英文單字有哪些?

      ...人 V. 使倒楣;使招不幸JinxN. 不祥的物或人 厄運V. 使倒楣as per usual片語 phrase …像從前一樣倒楣

    • 商業英文及貿易PAYMENT TERM

      ...配合廠商: We still prefer to do business with you as usual practices i.e. (that is) to place ...would consider to accept T/T payment terms as per your proposal with our coming ...

    • 英文的數學問題(英文高手請進~)

      ... would cost about $7079 for a group of 506 people because the 20% off $19.99 per person is rounded to tenth as $13.99. Then $13.99 times 506 to find the cost for 506 people. ...