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  1. as such

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      確切而言; 完全地, 按照某詞通用的詞義, 根據某詞嚴格的詞義
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    • 1. 確切而言; 完全地, 按照某詞通用的詞義, 根據某詞嚴格的詞義 The new job is not a promotion as such but it brings good prospects for the future. 這一新的工作, 嚴格說來並不算提升, 不過以後很有發展前途。 I can't call my book a best seller as such but it's very popular. 我不敢說我的書是暢銷書, 但可以說很受歡迎。


    確切而言; 完全地, 按照某詞通用的詞義, 根據某詞嚴格的詞義

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    • as,such,such,as,like

      ... is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such. such as 是形容詞,接它所形容的名詞或代名詞.例: You may want to try...

    • such that” 和 ”so that”的用法

      ``such as" ;. ``so as" ; ``such that" ; ``so...這四辭意義相近但用法不同. (i) ``such as" 引入例子, “例如” (1) However... around the tube in a manner such that the loss of heat to the external environment...

    • 英文中as還有such的正確用法

      as: 1. (與such, the same, as等連用,引導關係子句)與...相同的事物(或人) 2. (引導 給狗吃的那類食物 such liquors as beer=liquors such as beer 啤酒那樣的飲料 Such men as (=Those ...