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  1. as sure as I'm standing here

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      【口】的的確確, 千真萬確
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    【口】的的確確, 千真萬確

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      ... you know this bank? Can you show us how to get there?M: Sure, I know this place. It is not far from here, It is two blocks down the street. When you walk two...

    • 急!~~我需要各各大大幫我英翻中!!

      福爾摩斯打開桌上的煙盒, 拿出一根煙, 在點煙之前, 他給他的朋友 一點點時間想他說的話. 華生終於開口說: "我懂了" 福爾摩斯問他: "是嗎? 我有把握終究會明白的, 但是我必須繼續我 的故事, 就像我說的, 奧拉克來的房子很大又很時尚, 隔壁是有名的 木材場" 他把筆記本...

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      ...) stopovers ) __; as a __((C) consequence)__ it&rsquo... to pick me up to make sure that the flight hasn’t been... household while we’re away. Here’s a list of what we want to have...