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  1. as sure as a gun

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      【口】毫無疑問, 千真萬確
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    • 1. 【口】毫無疑問, 千真萬確 Parrots don't sing. Talk, maybe. But they as sure as a gun don't sing. 鸚鵡不會唱歌。也許會說話, 但肯定不會唱歌。 She will accept my invitation, as sure as a gun. 她會接受我的邀請, 肯定會的。
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      1. as bitter as gall 像膽汁一樣苦。 2. as sure as death/a gun 一定,必然。 3. as far apart as the Poles...8. as soft as velvet 跟天鵝絨一樣柔軟。 9. as vain as a peacock 跟孔雀一樣驕傲。 希望能幫上你。^_^

    • 請幫我翻意英文~超急 dry as a bone 乾透的 bold as brass級為無禮的8. as dead as a doornail不再流行10.似是而非11.善變的15.冷若冰霜16.冷靜地20.無法避免的21.同...

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      ... to manipulate a situation by being incredibly... I'm sure it works for some... to your guns, no matter what.' ...of our product vision as well as our investor...