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  1. as sure as fate

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      【口】毫無疑問, 千真萬確
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    • 1. 【口】毫無疑問, 千真萬確 Parrots don't sing. Talk, maybe. But they as sure as fate don't sing. 鸚鵡不會唱歌。也許會說話, 但肯定不會唱歌。 She will accept my invitation, as sure as fate. 她會接受我的邀請, 肯定會的。
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    • 請問一下英文單字

      命中注定:1.destined; predestined; fatal sure as fate 天意:1.divine providence; the will of God; the will of Heaven

    • 問個英文簡單問題

      ...straight as a die 筆直as strong as a horse 精力充沛的as strong as an ox 強壯如牛的as sure as fate 千真萬確as thick as thieves 十分要好as thin as a lath 骨瘦如柴as ugly as...

    • 請問一下..命中註定的英文要怎麼說呢?

      destined 命中注定的 The man is destined for sucess. 這個人註定是要成功的 predestined 註定的 fatal 命運的,命運決定的 as sure as fate 命中注定似的 有這幾種用法~都是形容命中注定的