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    • 英文寫作-文法修正

      ... besides the convenient usage such as poor concentration, electromagnetic wave damage, over-reliance on the cell phone. The use of cell phone has... due to the drivers who talk over the phone while driving. ...

    • 電話英文會話

      ... can't talk now. Sorry, but …. 抱歉,但是… can't talkover the phone) 沒辦法講電話 I'll call you back as soon as possible. as soon as possible 儘快 1) 您可以晚一點再打來嗎? ...

    • 英文翻譯~中文翻英文

      ...43:36 補充: Over the past few days, my mother and I talked over the phone a few, as long as I heard her voice, in my eyes and come...