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  1. as the crow flies

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    • 英文成語的典故?

      ...就是有可能有聞到老鼠了. 這個意思被轉移到來說一個再懷疑某事不對頭的人. as the crow flies: "As the crow flies...

    • [英文]nearly five by road…解釋

      烏鴉直飛只須兩公里,人走彎曲路須走差不多 5公里. by road 指的是走路. 2009-04-08 22:28:21 補充: Thrillcka: You are right, thank you. Nung

    • 英文片語~急件

      ...'ll kill two birds with one stone. 36. It's three miles as the crow flies. 37. Don't cry wolf. 38. It has dog-eared pages...