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  1. as well

    • ph.
      in addition; too;with equal reason or an equally good result
    • 釋義


    • 1. in addition; too
    • 2. with equal reason or an equally good result
    • 3. sensible, appropriate, or desirable
  2. 知識+

    • as well as 用法

      As well as 可當附屬連接詞和介系詞用, 當連接詞...意為「和…一樣」:You know as well as I that he’s a fool. (你...所以要使用複數動詞 – 時,或者當 as well as 及其受詞被語調或逗點隔開,因此...

    • as well as 的用法

      ...不正確的。我個人會用 Their seven-foot center as well as their huge forwards was simply...the word 'and' can create a compound subject. 'As well as', 'or', and 'along with' do *not...

    • as well as 到底怎麼用阿??

      ... as well as ... 要解釋這個部分比較棘手一點點...角度來思考。 當您說「A is as well as B.」的時候,雖然字面解釋為...quot;He is my friend as well as my teacher." 改寫為如下句子...